Patriots Cheerleader raising money for charities through virtual workouts

Courtney Krauss gives back during time of need

FOXBORO — Typically, you’ll find Courtney Krauss on the sidelines at Gillette Stadium cheering on the Patriots, but these days, like many of us, she’s in her house figuring out creative ways to lift people’s spirits. She’s zeroed in on virtual workouts.

“Being cooped up can really bring out some negative and bad feelings,” said Krauss, who recently finished her second year with the Patriots Cheerleaders team. “I just wanted people to move. I wasn’t looking for a way to start a business or anything like that. I really just wanted people moving.”

What’s moving about this effort is how Courtney focused on raising money for charity. She encourages anyone who participates in one of her classes on Instagram to make a donation to a worthy cause she’s researched and pinpointed. The causes are important to her, like The Epilepsy Foundation, since her father is fighting the disease, or causes vital right now, like Roots of Development, an organization focused on creating lasting structure in Haiti.

Chad Bissonette, the executive director of Roots of Development, detailed some of the issues his foundation is dealing with since the pandemic struck in mid-March.

“All of our events were quickly canceled indefinitely,” said Bissonnette. “Individuals just were on shakier ground. Companies were facing huge issues, so what were the chances they were going to be able to keep up their charitable giving? We were in a tough spot pretty quickly. Here Courtney was, she had heard me speak about Roots of Development. She and lot of people over the last month and a half have been pretty phenomenal.”

Krauss, who spent time working at Equinox Fitness, is currently unemployed. Teaching these virtual classes brings in no cash - except for those in need.

“Yes, of course I could use the money, but it just makes me feel so much better to be able to give it back to our community,” said Krauss.

These next two weeks, her classes will benefit Project Bread, a local non-profit with a genuine purpose.

“Their goal is, not only during this time, to bring meals to school-age children who might not be getting the nutrients from meals that they were getting at school,” said Krauss. “But they do this year-round, so I’m extremely excited to be partnering with them. I am going to grad school soon for education, so anything to do with school-age kids is super near and dear to my heart.”

You can be part of Courtney’s team by following her on Instagram at @courtkrauss. She’s currently teaching classes every day from Monday-Saturday and releases the weekly schedule each Sunday.