• Kraft calls rumors of Gronk trade "hogwash"

    By: Tom Leyden


    FOXBORO - Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft dismissed reports that his management team was considering a trade of Rob Gronkowski in the last week. 

    Speaking at the 2018 Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards event at Gillette Stadium, Kraft addressed the topic without being asked. 

    "I'll just tell you that it's a bunch of hogwash that I vetoed some trade," said Kraft. "That was never in the works. "It's just completely made up and I think we have to be careful in society today that people just can't come out and say things, and this bit about us trading Gronk to the 49ers or Tennessee - there's no basis to it and it gets a life of its own and I just want to go on record at today's event to make sure that you all understand that there's no truth to that." 

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