An act of faith causes one local woman to give up the Evil Empire

CANTON, Mass. — This is a love story; the love of baseball, religion and each other.

“So, it was right about 1996-97 because that’s when we got engaged,” said Amy Delaney of Canton.

Delaney is now a Red Sox fan, but she wasn’t always.

“No, originally I was a Yankees fan. I’m sorry,” Amy said.

She and her husband Philip Delaney met at Bill’s Bar on Lansdowne Street in the shadow of the Green Monster and Fenway.

“We all met up at Bill’s Bar. Phil and I met and that was it. The rest was history,” she said.

Once married, rooting for opposing teams was tough.

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“So, there was a little bit when we went to games and I would wear my Yankees hat and I was obnoxious and yelling, ‘Go Yankees!’ So, it did cause a little friction on the relationship,” Amy said.

And Amy said her Yankee loyalty was on the line when they began having children. You see, Amy is Jewish, and Phil is a Catholic.

“And it went back and forth and back and forth and finally my husband said one day, ‘Well if you stop being a Yankees fan, we can raise the kids Jewish.’ And I said, ‘OK, let’s do it,’” she said.

And that’s when Amy converted to the Red Sox.

“And I threw away all my Yankees gear and stopped rooting for the Yankees and became a Red Sox fan,” she said.

Once part of Red Sox Nation, Amy never looked back.

“I thought to myself, if this person cares about me so much that he’s willing to make such a life adjustment and change, I can give up the Yankees,” she said.

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Amy and her two daughters love the Sox, and even though the ALCS series has been tough, she’s pulling for the Sox.

“I still have faith. I saw 2004 and what could happen and did happen, so I’m hoping the Red Sox can pull it out,” she said.