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Get it Straight: Invisalign

Straightening teeth is a coming of age ritual for millions of American teens each year. In recent years the process has undergone some incredible innovations making the experience different for kids and teens today.  Boston orthodontist Dr. Manachem Roth helped us bust some common myths.

Myth 1: Kids don't need to go to an orthodontist before their teen years.
The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first screening for children around age seven as the first molars begin to come in. This first screening allows orthodontists to create a baseline report for the child and monitor any early developments.

Myth 2: Metal braces are the only option.
Twenty years ago, Invisalign created a teeth straightening method using clear, plastic aligners. These aligners are removable which allows individuals to brush and floss easily.

Myth 3: Invisalign is just for adults.
Invisalign is often used by adults, but teen patients are also very pleased with their aligners. The teen program offers up to 6 replacement aligners in the event that one is lost or broken. Right now, sign up for the Invisalign Teen Guarantee ( offers a free switch over to metal braces if in 6 months you are not happy with the Invisalign clear aligners.