T. Jazelle creates bracelets to benefit Coronavirus Relief Fund

WEST DENNIS, Mass. — Supporting charity is nothing new for Tiffany Narbonne. Tiffany’s jewelry company and boutique, T. Jazelle, frequently raises money for various causes, so stepping up to support the Coronavirus Relief Fund was a no-brainer.

“I wanted to combine a bracelet that gave the qualities of strength and healing," said Narbonne. “That’s why I actually used two different stones on this bracelet - Mystic Grey Agate with Blue Quartzite and those stones together have the meanings of those two qualities - strength and healing.”

With Tiffany’s staff working around the clock, she quickly realized how much people who weren’t fighting COVID-19 themselves wanted to help. Five dollars from every bracelet purchased goes to the fund. Demand went through the roof in a heartbeat.

“We started getting hundres of orders,” said Narbonne. “Now, fast forward three and a half weeks later, we’ve sold thousands and as of today we’ve raised over $15,000.”

Already 5,000 more than the original goal and apparently, far from done.

“The bracelet comes with a card explaining what it’s giving back to, and also about the Coronavirus Relief Fund - and then also the meaning of whatever the stone is, so when someone gets it, they have that full story," said Narbonne. "On the back of the card there’s a message from us that just says, 'We will all get through this together. You can look at your wrist and just remember we will get through this, better days are ahead and with this bracelet you are also making a difference.”

You can learn more about the Coronavirus Relief Bracelet by visiting the official T. Jazelle website.

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