Worcester paramedic pens poem about fallen firefighter

WORCESTER, Mass. — Sean Doherty of Worcester EMS penned a poem titled 'December Mourn' in honor of fallen Worcester Firefighter Christopher Roy.

In the quiet early morning hours while most were fast asleep,
The men of Worcester Fire were awoken with three beeps. 
Another night they take the job responding to the tone,
The gear went on, the doors all closed, its time to save a home. 
First crews on scene, the smoke in sight, they hurried right inside,
Not knowing how this night would change, with the blinking of an eye.
At first it was your basic job, like many jobs before, 
A stubborn multi family dwelling, chasing fire through the floors. 
Then in a flash, conditions changed 
like memories still too near,
The words that echo in our minds, the words we've learned to fear.
"Mayday ,Mayday! We can't get out,
we've lost our main egress" 
Hearts all dropped and stomachs turned, 
there's brothers in distress. 
Into action the men all sprang for the brothers they held dear. 
All but one then made it out, where Chris was wasn't clear.
The search was on, they pushed and pushed
through flames and smoke so black,
Through pain and sweat, no matter what, they'd get their brother back. 
The men of Worcester Fire brought their brother home and fast, 
But Chris had joined those gone before, 
on a list of heroes passed. 
So once again we continue on, though our hearts are heavy and torn.
Our city cries, though we stand strong,
Another cold December mourn.
Godspeed Firefighter Chris Roy ... Last Alarm 12-9-2018

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