Worcester child returns home after 8-month hospital stay

WORCESTER, Mass. — A warm welcome home for Carlos Rolon after the 6-year-old spent eight months in the hospital, waiting for a heart.

“There’s just no words, I can’t thank them enough honestly, it’s a beautiful thing,” said Carlos Rolon, Carlos’ father.

Dozens of people drove by their home in Worcester on Saturday, including the police and fire departments, showing some love and support for Carlos just days after he received his heart transplant.

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“It was amazing, I wasn’t expecting this kind of turnout,” Carlos’ father said. “A lot of people came, showed a lot of love. He loved the bikes, he looks a little worn out from the excitement, but for the most part, amazing, beautiful.”

Carlos was born with a heart defect and waited four years for the surgery. Moments like that parade, his family says, make all the difference as the process hasn’t been easy.

“Very, very difficult, we’ve had our good days, we’ve had our bad days, and we had days where we didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Sheena Cossette, Carlos’ mother. “But I can honestly say my faith is what kept me strong and got me through it.”

Support from strangers has been another boost to the family’s spirits, not only Saturday, but also around Christmas time when hundreds of people sent Carlos cards while he waited for a heart in the hospital.

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“I don’t wish that pain upon anyone, but I hope this opens eyes for many, many people to let them know miracles do happen,” Cossette said.

Now on the other side of the surgery, Carlos’ family is happy to say that he is doing really well with another chance at life.

“He’s doing great, he’s doing absolutely amazing, they said his recovery is going well, so we’re ready for this,” Cossette said, holding Carlos in her arms before speaking to him. “We’re ready for this right? A new life. We’re going to start a new life?”

“Yeah!” said Carlos.