Wild truck theft, police chase detailed in Southie courtroom

BOSTON — It was just after noon Saturday, November 10, when police say Robert Bjorkman careened a stolen truck around the corner of Mount Vernon Street in Dorchester.

Video shows police officers chasing him on foot with guns drawn.

The truck smashes into parked gars and comes to a halt.

Police then surrounded the car and arrested Bjorkman, who they say stole the truck.

In a Boston courtroom Tuesday morning, prosecutors told the court Bjorkman hopped in a truck that wasn't his in full view of police officers working a detail in Southie Saturday and took off.

Bjorkman ducked his head to hide from cameras in the courtroom as prosecutors outlined the wild ride that followed. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.

Police say Bjorkman stole the truck from a construction site on Columbia Road and things turned violent when officers chased him.

According to court records, Bjorkman backed the truck up, hitting an officer’s cruiser.

Then, as another  “officer drew his department weapon”, Bjorkman began “driving the truck onto the officer -- hitting him and throwing the officer to the ground.”

One of those injured officers stared Bjorkman down in court, who was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing.

Police say both of those police officers are now recovering with minor injuries.

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