Walsh says it's the 'wrong time' to discuss changing Electoral College

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is weighing in on the recent push to change the Electoral College, saying it is the "wrong time" to have the discussion.

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently called for the abolishment of the constitutionally mandated process, instead, calling for presidential elections to be decided by the national popular vote.

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Walsh told the Boston Herald he understands Warren's concerns after President Donald Trump won the election in 2016 despite losing the popular vote, but he doesn't believe the conversation should happen during a presidential campaign.

Massachusetts is already one of about a dozen states that allocates electoral votes based on the national popular vote.

State lawmakers are currently working on two similar pieces of legislation that would create a "hybrid" between the electoral college and the popular vote in Massachusetts. They would give two electoral votes to the candidate who receives the most votes, while the rest would be distributed based on the winner in each congressional district.

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