• Vigil held for assaulted grandmother


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) - Monday marks the traditional Chinese mourning period of 100 days. One hundred days, 2,000 plus hours.

    The Chinese mourning period may be over, but the pain over the death of Yuzhen Lei  is not.

    A few dozen gathered on a pad of concrete in Chinatown Monday night across from the spot where the 72-year-old grandmother was pushed to the ground last summer.

    Police said Lei was walking in the Chinatown section of the city when she bumped into 24-year-old Tajanetta Downing. Authorities say Downing pushed Lei, who then hit her head on the pavement. Lei was rushed to Tufts Medical Center with a serious, life-threatening head injury. Later that evening, officials confirmed that Lei had died. Downing has been charged for the incident. 

    "I find it pretty horrible that someone would even think about doing that to someone who's elderly," said Blythe Schulte, a member of the Chinese-American community. 

    Now the Chinatown community has a new concern; Downing's bail was reduced last month from $75,000 to $10,000 and they'll believe she'll go unpunished. 

    That, even if guilty, she will go unpunished. 

    "Not that we said we want her to go to jail or anything. But like little kids, you make a mistake you need to have a little punishment," said Esther Lee with the Chinese-American Cultural Association. 

    Monday night's vigil was not about punishment, revenge or even anger. It was about remembrance. 

    "We just want to remember you know the person who passed away after 100 days. That just lets people know that we didn't forget them," said Lee. 

    The candles flickered as the city collapsed into rush-hour chaos. The 100-day mourning period over, but not, necessarily, the mourning. 

    "The Chinese community here is very tight knit. And we all support each other no matter what happens. So, we're all one big family," said Schulte. 

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