Suspect confronts Bob Ward before court appearance

It's been nine years since Natick native Stacey Burns was found stabbed inside her Wolfboro, New Hampshire home on Mother's Day.

On Friday, Aug 24, her husband, Edward Burns, was served a restraining order from Millis Police, taken out by the family of his murdered wife. The order will keep Burns away from three of his own children.

Stacey's murder happened on Mother's Day, 2009, during the period of time where the couple was going through a divorce, just days before they were both due in court to discuss child support.

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Ed's divorce from Stacey was ugly. At one point, Stacey took out a restraining order against him, claiming abuse and that he said at one point -- death before divorce.

Ed Burns, the central figure in the Stacey Burns unsolved murder case, has since denied killing his wife.

While no arrests have been made in the case, Ed Burns was arrested for an unrelated incident nearly ten years later in mid-July for stabbing a roommate during a fight in Millis with a ten inch kitchen knife.

The news of the arrest prompted Stacey's family to take out the restraining order on Ed.

At Wrentham District Court on Friday, even before a pre-trial hearing started, Ed Burns confronted Boston 25 News reporter Bob Ward in front of our cameras. This was their brief exchange:

Burns: "You are driving a wedge between my kids and I."
Ward: "What am I doing?"
Burns: "You're reporting, and you are trying to link this incident with [Stacey's murder], you brought the whole thing back to my family."

As for the Millis stabbing, Ed Burns made a stabbing motion with his hands, as he described what happened.

"It was self-defense, and it's going to come out," said Burns. "I was attacked, I was defending myself. It was a prick, I went in, like, an eighth, I just wanted to stop it. Look at the wound, he was released two hours [after], ridiculous."

Ed Burns refused an on-camera interview, but later his lawyer claimed his client is innocent, but confirmed it is "an unfortunate coincidence" that both Stacey and Ed Burns' roommate were both stabbed.

In court, the prosecutor told Ed Burns the Millis stabbing case is before a grand jury. If he's indicted, the case will move up to the Superior Court.

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