Two years after going missing, dog & owner to reunite

BOSTON — After two years, Missing Dogs of Massachusetts was able to find and catch a dog that escaped from his Rhode Island home.

Bosco the beagle mix was on his own for 764 days after running away in January of 2014.

"He was leashed in the backyard and somehow he just slipped off the leash," said Sheilah Graham, volunteer with


Bosco has been sighted on and off, so Missing Dogs of Massachusetts set a trap, with a camera monitoring it. Bosco re-appeared, walked up to it and went inside.




Graham called Bosco's owner minutes later.

"All I heard was him howling in the background and I knew instantly it was him...And I almost fainted because it's been two years," said Bill Ballato, Bosco's owner.

However, a face to face reunion between Ballato and Bosco is a bit complicated. Ballato has since moved to Colorado. They were able to see each other via FaceTime.

Ballato and Missing Dogs of Massachusetts are now working on a reunion plan.

"I have medical issues that prevents me from traveling," said Ballato.

While that plan comes together, the big question is what has Bosco been up to for two plus years.

"They can survive any timeframe, they just revert back to their survival instinct," said Graham.




He was found near restaurants, and the trap was set by a nearby dumpster, so he was likely eating well.

"He's really a remarkable dog...Obviously," said Ballato.

Missing Dogs of Massachusetts has only been around for about a year. They've already helped more than 700 dog owners reunite with their lost pets.