Drivers in apparent road rage incident on Pike ordered to have no contact

WESTON, Mass. — Two men involved in an apparent road rage incident on the Massachusetts Turnpike where one of the men held onto to the hood of a moving SUV -- some of it caught on video -- appeared in court Monday.

Massachusetts State Police say it all started on Interstate 90 westbound on Friday when 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald and 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski got into a minor crash on the Pike.

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After the collision, Kamrowski stopped in the left lane, got out of his car, and tried to exchange paperwork with Fitzgerald, who was still inside his SUV, police said. The exchange between the two became heated and State Police say Fitzgerald began driving toward Kamrowski, who then got onto the hood of Fitzgerald's SUV.

Police say Fitzgerald traveled at speeds as high as 70 miles per hour, stopping and accelerating when Kamrowski didn't get off.

Fitzgerald drove for two to three miles until another driver, who is a licensed gun owner, according to State Police, got out of his car, pointed his gun at Fitzgerald and ordered him to get out of his SUV.
State Police then responded to the scene in Weston.

Police said neither man was injured in the incident.

Fitzgerald, of Lynn, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and other violations. Kamrowski, of Framingham, was charged with disorderly conduct.

In Waltham district court Monday, Fitzgerald's attorney, Michael Chinman, said his client was afraid of Kamrowski, who Chinman noted was described as angry and threatening by a witness.

"The other party was the aggressor," Chinman said in court.

According to the Chinman's narrative, Kamrowski reached in both the driver's window and the passenger window of Fitzgerald's car. Kamrowski allegedly pulled a metal water bottle out of the car and used it to break the windshield.

"This was a man who had attacked Mr. Fitzgerald while he was seated in his own car," Chinman added after court.

Fitzgerald was released on $500 cash bail and ordered to have no contact with the Kamrowski.

Kamrowski was released on personal recognizance and similarly ordered.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident including the initial crash is asked to call the State Police at 781-431-5050.

Previous: Man clings to windshield during wild road rage incident on Mass Pike

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