• Truck injures pedestrian after smashing into Chinatown restaurant


    BOSTON - A pedestrian is recovering from injuries after being hit by a truck that slammed into a Chinatown restaurant.

    The crash happened on Thursday at around 10 a.m. at the corner of Washington and Kneeland streets near Tufts Medical Center where eyewitnesses say a city transportation truck hit the pedestrian before smashing into the building.

    Construction crews have sealed off several holes caused by the accident while public works and transportation trucks were brought in to help clean up the debris.

    The pedestrian sustained non-life threatening injuries.

    The manager tells Boston 25 News they will have to close down for a couple of days while the damage is assessed. An engineer will come by within the next couple of days to ensure the building is safe. 

    Workers say the stretch of Washington Street where the crash happened is especially busy every morning given its proximity to Tufts, the Chinatown T stop and South Station.

    Terry Chan, who works at the Liu Yi Shou HotPot, says no one was inside the restaurant at the time of the accident. The restaurant had just finished opening about a month ago and was trying to build a name for itself in Chinatown.

    "It's a brand new restaurant, you have to feel awful for the owners," said Tom Soussou, who works at Tufts. "It’s a really busy interaction though, cars coming all the time, people crossing all the time.”

    The Boston Transportation Department referred our questions to police who said they are still investigating what caused the driver to veer off the road. Authorities added, however, they don't expect to have the result by tonight.

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