Troopers: No evidence driver in deadly Sweet Tomatoes crash hit the brakes

WOBURN, Mass. — Testimony continued Monday in the case of the man accused of crashing his SUV into a Newton Pizza shop, killing two people. State troopers say, Brad Casler, who is now on trial, never hit the brakes before impact.

Amidst the crumpled metal inside the wreckage at Sweet Tomatoes restaurant, prosecutors asked the jury Monday to focus on what wasn't wrong with the pictures.

"The accelerator pedal was moving freely, with no binding, no sticking," said Mass. State Police Sgt. Michael George.

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That, despite what Casler told first responders on scene moments after he crashed, killing Greg Morin and Eleanor Miele.

"He said that he was approaching the intersection, tried stopping, was unable to," said EMT Meriam Saim.

Saim treated Casler after the crash and told jurors although Casler admitted he had multiple sclerosis, he was oriented and alert.

"I asked if he thought that the MS may have played a role in the accident if he believed he had a flare of sorts. He said no," said Saim.

Casler's defense claims Casler's MS triggered a medical episode before the crash, but investigators testified Casler was also speeding and never hit the brakes before impact.

"Pushes two pizza ovens weighing 3,900 pounds more than four feet. I would absolutely say it was traveling more than 30 mph," said MSP Lt. Timothy Dowd.

Prosecutors say they will be wrapping up their case soon.

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