Recall alert: Ikea expands mirror recall

Lettan mirror

Ikea has expanded a recall of its Lettan mirrors, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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The CPSC said the plastic fittings that attach the mirror to the wall can break, causing the mirror to fall.

The recall has been expanded by 14,600 units in the U.S. Another 10,500 were sold in Canada. Previously, there had been 22,400 mirrors recalled in March.

The latest recall involves all sizes of Lettan flat mirrors — 23-, 31-, 39- and 47-inch varieties — for between $23 and $56 from December 2019 through June 2023, according to the CPSC.

They all have a date stamp of 2325. The first two digits are the year and the last two are the week the mirrors were made. The stamp can be found on the back of the mirror.

Anyone who has the recalled mirrors should stop using them and contact Ikea for a free replacement set of wall fittings. Owners can also return the mirrors for a full refund with no receipt needed, the CPSC said.