Project Q: Sony debuts handheld PlayStation

Sony has announced its long-rumored handheld PlayStation project, but it may not be what gamers were expecting.

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The electronics company announced Project Q during the PlayStation Showcase, but it isn’t a competitor for the popular Nintendo Switch system. Instead, it is a device to stream games from your PS5.

That means that you won’t be able to play video games natively on the device.

The Verge reported that Sony has not said whether Project Q would be able to be played away from home but the media outlet speculated that it should be able to be used away from the PS5 console through Sony’s Remote Play system.

Mashable reported that Project Q will require at minimum a 5 Mbps connection, but a 15 Mbps one is recommended.

IGN called the 9-inch screen and controllers that attach on either side a DualSense controller that contains a screen instead of a touchpad.

Project Q will also come with wireless earbuds designed for gaming.

No release date was announced for Project Q, with Sony only saying it would happen “later this year.” It is rumored to be hitting the market in November, according to The Verge.

Sony previously had handheld PlayStation systems, including the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, Forbes reported.

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