Expelliarmus! Minnesota man accused of using ‘wizard wand’ to threaten hotel worker

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — A Minnesota man is facing misdemeanor charges after police said he threatened another person with a “wizard wand” – and no, the incident didn’t take place at Hogwarts.

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According to KSTP and KMSP, police arrested Skylar Eros Dupree Thomas, 29, of Woodbury, on fifth-degree assault and trespassing charges following the altercation, which occurred Friday at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Bloomington.

A Hyatt Place worker said Thomas, who is not allowed at the hotel because of a trespass notice issued in November 2021, came inside shortly after midnight and placed his hand inside a bowl that contained room keys, Bloomington police said. When the employee repeatedly told him to leave, Thomas began using racial slurs, the criminal complaint said.

Thomas walked outside as the employee followed, according to the complaint. Police said the suspect then pulled out the “wand,” a pointy, 16-inch stick with a metal tip, KSTP reported. The employee, who has a permit to carry a concealed firearm, mistook the “wand” for a long knife and pulled out his handgun, police said.

Thomas kicked a trash can and began to walk off, but the employee followed him and called police, authorities said. Thomas again pointed the “wand” at the worker, who kicked the suspect, according to the complaint. Thomas then fled, police said.

Police arrested Thomas, who was arraigned and released Monday, KSTP reported. He is due in court again next month.

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