Coronavirus: Separating fact from fiction

You see the posts all over social media from supposed experts on COVID-19.

The World Health Organization is battling misinformation that is making the Facebook rounds -- “facts” like cold weather can kill the coronavirus and so can hot baths. (Both of those are false.)

Here is a rundown of facts directly from the WHO:

FACT: Cold weather won’t kill coronavirus

FACT: Hot baths won’t prevent coronavirus

FACT: Hand dryers do not kill coronavirus

FACT: Anyone can get coronavirus, but older people and those with preexisting conditions are more vulnerable

FACT: Antibiotics do not work against coronavirus

FACT: There are no medications to specifically treat or prevent coronavirus, but they are in development

FACT: Pets do not spread coronavirus, as of now

FACT: The pneumonia vaccine does not protect you from coronavirus

FACT: Nose rinses do not prevent coronavirus

FACT: Garlic does not protect you from coronavirus

FACT: Spraying disinfectants on yourself will not kill coronavirus

FACT: Thermal scanners detect fevers, not coronavirus

FACT: Ultraviolet light does not kill coronavirus

FACT: Coronavirus can’t be transmitted through products from affected areas

FACT: Coronavirus is not spread by mosquito bites