Coronavirus: Don’t microwave handmade masks to sanitize them, Tennessee EMA warns

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. — Officials with a Tennessee emergency management agency are warning residents that it is unwise to sanitize their homemade masks by sanitizing them, WJHL reported.

In a Facebook post,officials are characterizing as a public service announcement, the Geeneville/Greene County Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security explained the hazards of microwaving the masks.

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“There are a couple of problems with this,” the agency wrote.

"1. The microwave will set flame and/or burn certain materials.

“2. If your mask has metal in it. refer to issue number 1, as well as, possibly killing your microwave,” the agency wrote.

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The agency said using warm water with antibacterial soap, and a small amount of bleach is a safer and more effective, way to sanitize the masks.

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