Chimps, other primates die at animal sanctuary after Texas deep freeze

NORTH BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — An animal sanctuary in North Bexar County, Texas, has lost dozens of animals, killed by the Texas deep freeze.

Staff members at Primarily Primates Animal Sanctuary were trying to evacuate animals when they discovered the death of a chimpanzee, a group of monkeys, lemurs and tropical birds.

Sanctuary officials didn’t say how many animals were killed because of the weather and the power outages that came with the storm.

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It was also something that the workers have never dealt with before.

“I’ve never faced a decision like this,” Brooke Chavez told the San Antonio Express-News. “Having to decide who we can save, depending on the predictability of which animals we can catch.”

“I never, ever thought my office would turn into a morgue,” she told the newspaper. “Someone asked me how many animals have died. I don’t know yet. I know we lost lots of monkeys, lemurs and tropical birds.”

The full toll will be found out when the snow melts.

The sanctuary is home to about 400 animals.

Workers are looking for donations to help keep the remaining animals safe, KSAT reported.

They need blankets, flashlights, propane tanks, generators, heaters and dog and cat carriers, according to KSAT.

According to the sanctuary’s Twitter post, they also need peanut butter, jelly, bread and water.