Aggressive turkey attacks a California police officer’s patrol car

VACAVILLE, Calif. — An aggressive turkey attacked a California police officer’s patrol car on Sunday after a concerned resident in Vacaville reported it in the area.

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The Vacaville Police Department said on Facebook that a concerned resident flagged down an officer at the county airport to report that there was an aggressive turkey in the area.

KTXL said that when officers located the turkey, it attacked the side of the patrol car.

In the video VPD posted, you can see the turkey running alongside the patrol car before deciding to strike it, according to KTVU.

VPD said that the officer chose to de-escalate the situation by retreating. They said that if your vehicle is attacked by an aggressive turkey, you should stay in your car and drive away slowly. Turkeys also run up to 25 miles per hour.

VPD called the turkey a “Vacavilloceraptor” on Facebook.

VPD said the aggressive turkey situation happened in a county jurisdiction so they notified the Solano County Sheriff’s Office of the incident.