Super Bowl LII: Here are some fun prop bets

Will President Donald Trump insult anyone with a tweet during Super Bowl LII? And if so, who is the likely target? Will Pink sing a slow version of the national anthem, or will she rush through it?

Those are some of the prop bets that are available to bettors as the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles prepare for Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4 in Minneapolis. The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has approximately 400 prop bets on the books, ESPN reported. My Top Sportsbooks also has hundreds of side bets for the casual bettor or the experienced high roller. The Vegas books opened on Thursday, so the wagering has begun in earnest.

Last year, a record $138.4 million was bet on Super Bowl LI across Nevada sportsbooks, ESPN reported.

Let’s get the traditional betting lines out of the way: the Patriots opened as a 4.5-point favorite, and the over-under for points scored is wavering between 48 and 48.5 points.

Now for the fun stuff:

Which company will get the coveted first commercial spot after the coin toss? Bud Light and Budweiser are the leaders at 15-1, followed Coca-Cola and Hyundai (19-1), according to Westgate.

Who will bear the brunt of Trump’s Twittering thumbs? The NFL as a league is the leader at 3-4, followed by any black NFL player (3-1), any white NFL player (30-1) and halftime entertainer Justin Timberlake (39-1). The odds on the president ripping into Tom Brady, by the way, are 1,000-1.

The over-under on the time Pink takes to sing the national anthem is 1 minute, 58 seconds. The odds are favoring that Pink will be blonde (2-1) when she sings, followed by pink (5-2), brown (9-2) and green (10-1).

NFL players have been taking a knee or displaying other forms of protest this season. It’s even odds that a player will make a political or social statement during the national anthem, according to the Vegas books. Raising a fist is the favorite at 4-1, displaying a message on a piece of clothing is 7-1, and taking a knee has 8-1 odds.

And since the game is being played in Minnesota, the odds of snow are very good. The over-under is 1.5 feet, according to the bookies. The odds that it snows on Feb. 4 is set at 2-3, with 4-1 odds it will be a sunny day. Sleet is a 9-1 bet and hail is at 20-1. For doomsday prophets, a hurricane is a 10,000-1 shot, while locusts opened at 1,000,000-1.

You can’t say the bookmakers don’t have a sense of humor.