• Tower climbers had best view of Patriots' championship parade

    By: Elysia Rodriguez


    BOSTON - Millions of people watched the Patriots Super Bowl championship parade, but two tower climbers ended up with the best view of them all.  

    Mike Penney and James Morin working with Hampden Communications watched it all from nearly 600 feet above the city.

    "The wind was pretty crazy today so we just wanted to make sure it didn’t get tangled up or ripped and just keep it flying," Morin said.

    The two climbed up the 90-foot pole on top the Berkeley building to get a giant Patriots flag untangled.

    They ended up staying harnessed to the pole for the entire parade.

    Kurt Jackson, the owner of Hampden Communications out of Paxton, told Boston 25 News that the company has been raising flags for Boston teams since 2007 when they were hired to hoist a Red Sox Pennant above the city to celebrate the World Series champions. 

    "We’ve done a Celtics flag, a Bruins flag in 2011. We’ve done three World Series and two Pats flags so far," said Jackson.

    It's not a job for the faint of heart.

    "You just need to be confident and stay relaxed. It’s a state of mind thing," Penney said.

    But for these men, it certainly wasn't a bad day on the job.

    "I’m a Pats fan, I’m a Sox fan, I’m a sports fan, so it’s cool to be part of the parade and get to watch it from that high up," Penney said.

    They said climbing the pole wasn't the hardest part. It was actually climbing more than 100 stairs with the flag to get to the top of the building.

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