Tight squeeze? A look into the TD Garden's new seats

BOSTON — Recently, the TD Garden got a $100 million makeover, but some visitors say it's now a tight squeeze for spectators.

The most obvious change is that the classic yellow seats are gone, making way for sleeker, black seating arrangements.

Fans, however, are saying the biggest change isn't noticeable until you sit down. Many are saying the new black seats are significantly smaller than the original ones, posing an issue for bigger fans.

"Moving the knees around and finding new ways to sit," said James King, a Cambridge resident.

King told Boston 25 News the legroom is now lacking.

Another woman who took a photo from her balcony seat said she struggled with the width of the seat, also sending a picture of her brother in the same seat saying he couldn't fit and had to sit on the armrests.

But, it's not just bigger fans who have criticized the new seats - even smaller visitors said they struggled.

"I’m a 0-2 like in standard sizing and I was spilling over the seat," said Jennifer Cook, of Dorchester. "I would say the only person who sat there comfortably was the small child in front of us."

A spokesperson for the TD Garden said that, in order to accommodate 500 added seats, some seats had to change in size.

The same spokesperson emphasized, however, that the average width of the loge and balcony seats is the same as it was last year - and that those sections increased by less than 20 seats total. She said that fans might feel the seats are smaller because they are now padded with higher seat backs and a new arm rest design.

"Many guests are excited about the new seats, and have told us they appreciate the new padded seating and better sightlines," said the TD Garden spokesperson.

While the response to the new seating arrangements has been mostly critical, some visitors praised the TD's makeover.

"Feels good when you’re in it but getting up and down and the knees part definitely not up to the standards," said King. "[It's] basically like sitting at Fenway.”

The spokesperson added they are open to hearing feedback from fans, saying:

"For the first time in nearly 25 years, we updated the seating inside TD Garden. We've received feedback from fans and can appreciate that, as with any change, it takes some time to get used to such major changes."

"It’s kind of sad that tickets aren’t cheap, and people are paying a lot of money and people are going to be sat in an uncomfortable situation," said Cook.

While the spokesperson wasn't able to provide the exact measurements of the Garden's new seats to the ones at Fenway, fans said the legroom in certain areas is comparable.

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