The Mighty Quinn: Quincy police help lift spirits in child's battle

QUINCY, Mass. — From hospital bed to a bubble, the Mighty Quinn is home again.

Last February, a day after turning three doctors at Boston Children's Hospital diagnosed Quinn Waters with a brain tumor.

Since then, he's never been home for an extended period of time.

Now he's not only home, but he's also home-bound in isolation because his immune system has been weakened by cancer treatment.

"A common cold or dust particles that might not do anything to you or me...could be very detrimental to his health," his father, Jalath Waters, explained.

But that doesn't mean Quinn isn't taking visitors.

"Anyone that comes to his window is like the highlight of his day," Jarlath said.

Quinn's mom is a Quincy police officer and, over the weekend, some of her colleagues roared in to show support for the little guy they've come to know as the Mighty Quinn.

"Seeing them motorcycles...any 3-year-old is going to get excited about that, you know," Jarlath said.

Dad says the window visits lift Quinn's spirits. But something else may have saved his life: blood donations.

Quinn's treatments have included numerous transfusions and that's opened his parents' eyes to a serious problem affecting hospitals this summer: a shortage of blood and platelets.

"You could save a kid's life by giving blood," Jarlath said.

By the end of August, if all goes well, Quinn could be out of his bubble.