Taunton Police officer allegedly assaulted while trying to help woman

TAUNTON, Mass. A Taunton Police officer was allegedly assaulted while trying to help a woman being beaten by her boyfriend, police say.

The officer was working a detail at the intersection of County Street and Hart Street when he saw a man allegedly punching a woman in the car.

The officer tried to step in and help, and in turn, the man, identified as Robert Damon, jumped out of the car and started punching the officer, authorities say.

Video of the incident shows the officer and Damon throwing punches at each other.

A Vietnam veteran, 70-year-old David Devito, was driving by with his wife, and saw what was happening.

Devito's wife Jeanne said the suspect was yelling, "Let go of me. Do you know who I am? I'm a cop killer."

Devito didn't think twice, and helped the officer.

"I said, 'This poor fella, he needs a hand,'" Devito said. "'Why isn't anyone helping?' We stopped our bike and helped."

The veteran had a pretty simple reason for assisting the officer.

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"They are our protectors," Devito said. "I wish there were more people that would back them up."

Damon is facing five different charges, including assault and battery on a police officer, according to court documents.

When Damon was booked at the police station, he allegedly bragged about assaulting an officer in the past, and how he was proud to do it again.

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