Still no motive or arrest in Framingham woman’s murder

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Nearly a month after 28-year-old Jasmyn Beatty was found murdered in her Framingham apartment, there is still no arrest. Jasmyn was discovered murdered on May 25.

Authorities said the fatal wound appeared to be a slash to the back of her neck. District Attorney Marian Ryan said, at the time, detectives could not determine if Jasmyn was targeted or if she was a victim of random violence.

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Today, nearly four weeks later, I’m told that’s still true; investigators have no motive. And there’s no suspect either.

The case made more difficult by the fact that the only eyewitness appears to have been Jasmyn’s dog. Jasmyn’s case might be difficult to solve but it is not impossible. It is likely forensic evidence gathered inside the apartment could lead investigators to a suspect.

“You do have information and physical evidence that can be processed, and, hopefully, that leads to some kind of identification and a clue,” retired Boston Police Chief Dan Linskey said.

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Linskey believes evidence collected from Jasmyn’s phone, her computer, and the apartment itself could hold vital clues, and that it could take weeks, if not months, before it’s all analyzed.

“Murder is usually a crime of occurrence and a crime of passion. And it is unlikely somebody would have the time to clean up all of that physical evidence that could link them to the scene,” Linskey said.

In the meantime, the DA told Boston 25 News that the case remains open and active. The office is asking anyone with information about the murder of Jasmyn Beatty to contact Framingham Police.