Still digging out from storm, MBTA now bracing for 'flash freeze'

BOSTON — Just a week after a bomb cyclone wrought havoc on transit up and down the Massachusetts coast, rain is expected to be followed by a flash freeze and the MBTA is in winter-prep mode again.

While the Commuter Rail is still working to correct issues that arose during last week's storm, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is warning commuters the heavy rains and the quick temperature drop could create more trouble.

“The MBTA is continuing snow-clearing efforts while preparing for an upcoming weather system predicted to drop heavy rainfall across the MBTA service area,” the MBTA said in a release Thursday.

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While the Army Corps or Engineers is warning Massachusetts communities about the possibility of ice dams causing further flooding across the state, the MBTA says it is paying close attention to storm drains and flood prone areas.

“As we continue to monitor the forecast, we are deploying personnel and resources accordingly in an effort to preemptively avoid or immediately address any flooding, ice buildup, or other weather-related issues,” said MBTA General Manager Luis Manuel Ramírez. “While we are doing our best to get ready, we also want to remind people to stay up to date on the weather forecast and T service information so our customers can be safe, informed, and prepared for the weather.”

Ramirez came under fire last week for tweets he sent out regarding the MBTA system's ability to contend with the weather experienced across New England last weekend.

The MBTA said it plans to deploy anti-icing trains Saturday morning to prepare for the temperature drop later that evening.

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