• Steelers fans rally in Brighton bar ahead of game


    BRIGHTON, Mass. -  As patrons climb the steps inside Cityside Bar in Cleveland Circle Saturday night, they found themselves in Steelers country instead of Patriots Nation.

    "We’re going to win it, we're going to the ninth Super Bowl, we will beat the Patriots tomorrow," said Jimmy Depetris, a Steelers fan.

    One hundred and forty strangers, united by black and gold, filled the upstairs room to capacity for the pep rally.

    The crowd was so dense, fans were forced to wait in line downstairs for a chance to be part of the family.  Downstairs is where Pats fans gathered, who were not thrilled about the abundance of Steelers gear.

    "I feel like I'm in enemy territory here,” said Patriots fan Matt Charvionnier.

    Cityside Bar in Brighton hosts the Steelers Fan Club regularly for football games.

     "If you took football out of the equation, Patriots fans and Steelers fans would get along perfectly,” said General Manager of Cityside Paul DiPietro.

     On Sunday, there’s sure to be plenty of excitement at the bar as fans hope their team clinch the AFC Championship. 

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