Should drivers with handicap placards pay for metered spots? City councilor says so

BOSTON — Parking in Boston isn't getting easier, but one city councilor says make everyone pay for meter spots may be a solution, including those using handicap placards.

When you open the city's parking app to pay for the meter, should handicap spots be treated the same as others?

"My mother has one and she needs it," said Boston resident Philip Pacino.

Pacino says it's easy to see how people abuse handicap placards.

Boston city councilor Michael Flaherty says handicap placard abuse affects drivers like Pacino when people misuse the placards and he says because they don't pay for the spaces.

"Any updates on the handicap parking fraud and abuse that permeates the city On a day to day basis to the tune of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions every year?" Flaherty asked the Boston Transportation Department Tuesday night.

"I think we really need to step up to the plate, require everybody to pay the meter And that eliminates the fraud and the abuse," Flaherty said.

Drivers told Boston 25 News something needs to change to ease the parking pain.

Sarah Dwyer fees there may be merit to Flaherty's idea.

"I think it's fair that they would have to pay like everyone else," said Dwyer.

A 2016 report by the state inspector general on disability parking placards, which can be obtained for ailments as common as arthritis, is not well regulated by the state, affecting available spaces and money the city could be bringing in if all drivers paid for the spaces.

Flaherty declined an on-camera interview with us Wednesday and according to his office, hasn't put forth a formal proposal.

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