Residents share stories of Columbia Gas workers going above and beyond

As thousands in the Merrimack Valley wait for gas to be restored and many share their frustrations about Columbia Gas, others are looking to show their appreciation for the dedicated street crews working around the clock.

Last month's explosions and fires in the Merrimack Valley sent many into action in the area, with some coming from all around the country to help.

The lack of gas and heat as temperatures drop has many upset with the company, but other residents say workers have gone beyond what was expected of them.

One resident, 81-year-old Genevieve Halloran, lost her husband of 58 years Sunday night, and returned to a cold home with no gas.

"I had my little stove over there, and it was just about keeping me warm," Halloran said. "But with this cold weather, I got a taste of winter now."

A neighbor told Columbia Gas about her loss, and workers immediately stopped by and stepped in to help.

"Oh, how thoughtful," Halloran said. "You know, I saw someone coming in with flowers, and they brought me a couple of dinners, you know, and I said, ‘Gee, you know, they’re wonderful.’"

The workers didn't stop with the flowers, as they soon brought a generator for outside her South Lawrence home and four space heaters to warm her up.

"Oh my god, it's a lifesaver," Halloran said. "A lifesaver."

Columbia Street crews check in on Halloran and help her out.

"Everybody is very nice," she said. "I mean, I go to bring my garbage out, and the guy runs up and he gets the bag for me."

Halloran isn't the only grateful resident, as workers also brought two bags of groceries for a pregnant mother and her kids.

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Now, residents are looking to give back in their own way to show their appreciation, with some handing out treats and setting up a barbecue for workers.

Still, many are upset with the progress Columbia Gas is making, along with their attempts to contact the company.

Columbia Gas said they're fast-tracking vulnerable residents' services, with some examples like Halloran's shining through.