Questions linger four years after Sabrina Hatheway's disappearance

WORCESTER, Mass. — Four years ago this month, Sabrina Hatheway went missing without a trace.

Her family has been tirelessly searching for answers, saying they are not giving up.

Just before Christmas in 2014, just days before an arson fire that destroyed a home on 11 Dixfield Road, was the last time Hatheway was last seen alive.

The now empty lot is where Hatheway's family gathers. Among them is Alejandra Medina, Hatheway's now 12-year-old daughter.

"I feel like she’s here in spirit like she’s here," said Alejandra.

In May, Hatheway's boyfriend, Kevin Crozier, was sentenced to six years and a day for setting the fire that destroyed the house.

According to prosecutors, Crozier offered two other men $1,000 in an insurance scheme to torch the house, but there was no insurance on the house.

Hatheway's family believes the house was burned to cover up evidence of Hatheway's murder.

While Crozier denys he has anything to do with Hatheway's disappearance, her family doesn't believe him.

"He’s lying to himself, that’s what he’s doing," said India Medina, Alejandra's grandmother. "He knows. There’s no way, he was the last person with her and now there’s no Sabrina, and you don’t know?"

Alejandra says she's haunted by her mother's absence, saying she constantly thinks about her, wondering where she could be.

"Two days before my birthday, I had a dream that she would knock on the door, and walk right through the door, but it didn’t happen," said Alejandra.

There is always a chance that Sabrina could still be out there somewhere, but her family says they don't believe in that, saying Sabrina would not stay away this long. Right now, it's not knowing that hurts them the most.

"I just want to know, where’s my niece, I want to give her a resting place so that we don’t have to come here no more," said Lisa Hatheway, Sabrina's aunt.

The family hopes that soon, someone will be able to come forward and tell Worcester Police or State Police what they know.

"I need something, I need closure, a body, something," said Alejandra. "Put my mom at peace."

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