Police searching for man accused of peeping inside women's bathroom

Authorities are searching for a young man they say was caught watching women inside a bathroom at North Shore Community College.

A faculty member named Cheryl McCormick reported that around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, she was using the women's bathroom on the second floor of the Lynn McGee Building when she saw a man lying on the floor next to her staring up at her while she was inside the stall.

"When I looked down, I noticed this young man staring back at me," McCormick said. "He was on his back looking up."

North Shore Community College bathroom peeper

North Shore Community College professor startled by man’s face looking at her in restroom stall:

Posted by Drew Karedes Boston 25 on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

After locking eyes with the stranger while sitting in the stall, McCormick said she couldn't ever recall feeling as caught off-guard as she was Tuesday night.

“When you’re vulnerable with your pants down, you don’t expect to see another man in your space," McCormick said.

McCormick said the encounter happened right after she walked away from a board meeting in the building.

"He was on his back sliding into the middle stall looking up," McCormick said. "here was a reason he was in there and it wasn’t to use the bathroom."

McCormick said she was both disgusted and determined to expose the man for what she says he had done to her, and she captured footage of him exiting the restroom as she tried to stay on his trail with heels on.

“I wish I didn’t because then I could’ve chased him," McCormick said. "I’m a very reactive person, I would’ve went after him myself."

North Shore Community College officers heard her cry out for help and tried to stop the man, but the suspect fled the area and managed to leave the building before officers got to him.

"“it’s terrifying," McCormick said. "It’s not something I’ve ever experienced."

Police were able to identify the suspect and will be taking out a warrant for his arrest.

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The suspect is described as a 22-year-old black man, 5'8" and weighing about 160 lbs.

Officials are asking people to not approach the suspect if spotted and to contact campus police at 781-477-2100.