Officers improving, but critical, after East Boston shooting

BOSTON — Two officers are in critical condition after responding to a domestic incident in the Orient Heights area of East Boston Tuesday night.

According to Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, both of the officers were originally in "extremely critical condition" and have undergone blood transfers in addition to visits to the operating room. This morning, after surgery, Mayor Marty Walsh said they are improving.

The incident began around 10:51 p.m. at 136 Gladstone Street when officers responded to the home for a domestic call.

Evans said Thursday that the incident escalated rapidly, and the suspect, identified as Kirk Figueroa, pulled a tactical weapon on the officers and started shooting. Officers Richard Cintolo and Matt Morris were in the home and were hit.

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Posted by Boston 25 News on Thursday, October 13, 2016

There were officers outside the home and they immediately ran inside after hearing gunshots.

"They began to engage in an exchange gunfire. Several other officers, with the gunfire going on, moved to the wounded officers, removed them from the line of fire," said Evans.

Officers immediately began first aid. Morris was hit in a main artery in the leg, and an officer applied a tourniquet.

"Doctors said it probably saved his life," said Evans.

Residents were asked to shelter in place for more than an hour while police were in the area. Mayor Marty Walsh thanked the East Boston community for their support during and after the investigation.

"There was pretty much a cop at every house. There just basically - we knew, stay in - then we saw that police were requesting nobody come out," a neighbor told FOX25.

“Anytime you have somewhat of an active shooter incident, until you get there and until you get the incident under control you never know what you have,” Evans said.

Evans thanked the outpouring of support, Mass General, Tufts Medical, and credited blood transfusions for helping save the officers lives.

Evans said nine additional officers are being treated for trauma and minor injuries at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

“I’m proud of the officers here. They ran into a fire fight and were able to pull two officers out to safety, unfortunately, we had to take a life in doing that,” he said.

Boston Police said it appears that the officers will make a recovery. The district attorney said he went down to the scene Tuesday night and his office will conduct a thorough investigation, per protocol.


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