Police investigating attack on middle schooler while classmates took video

Police investigating attack on child while classmates took video

NASHUA, N.H. — The father of a 12-year-old girl is sharing a video on social media that's hard to watch, but sends an important message about bullying.

The video appears to show the man's daughter being attacked by a classmate at the Fairgrounds Middle School in Nashua, New Hampshire - not once, but twice.

"It's an attack," said Chad Lacrosse, who said he shared the video online to draw attention to the problem and force the school to come up with a solution to what he calls an "unprovoked attack" on his daughter.

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He says she told him a girl threatened to beat her up on Sept. 25. The next day, the girl was given detention, and it was on the way to the bus home that Lacrosse says the attack happened.

"The kids thought it was funny, they were blowing it up all over the school everywhere, all over social media," said Lacrosse.

Following that incident, another attack happened on Monday, Oct. 7, and was also recorded.

"They're all friends, it's a group," said Lacrosse. "They work together as a team to attack these kids."

Lacrosse says his daughter was uninjured in the first attack, but says she suffered a concussion and possibly a cracked rib after the second one.

By Tuesday, the victim was granted a restraining order against two of the girls involved. The restraining order says she was punched over 20 times during the second attack.

For now, the girls aren't allowed to come within 300 feet of her.

"As far as I know, all of the students were suspended but the restraining orders aren't allowing those girls the two attackers into the school," said Lacrosse.

Nashua Police are investigating the incident but could not give any additional information because minors are involved.

In a statement, the school's superintendent said;

"Any student involved in this or any subsequent incidents (fighting or recording a fight) will have consequences. We will continue to investigate this incident as this is not representative of the Nashua School District."

Lacrosse says he wants to get to the bottom of this.

"I'm still trying to find out if there's anything that could have started the animosity between the four or five girls."

The concerned father said he made the video public in hopes the school would do more about the attack. He says that, since the video went public, he feels more has been done by the school to address the issue.

"She's a cheerleader, she does good in school, everyone loves her and she gets along with everyone for the most part," said Lacrosse. "Everyone in the school she does well there, so I don't think that changing her school is really the alternative option because she's not safe."

The superintendent, however, fired back saying:  "Using social media depicting children fighting is wrong. I am informing parents and community members that we are deeply disturbed by this incident."