Police react to video of officers allegedly entering home before warrant

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — A video making rounds on YouTube with tens of thousands of views has a local police department and district attorney reacting.

The video is the center of a local police investigation. It was posted to YouTube by "High Impact Vlogs" and while it is highly edited, it is questioning why police are trying to enter a Framingham home without a search warrant in hand.

It starts outside the house.

"You aren't entering my house without a search warrant."

And it continues inside.

"I don't understand why you're in my house."

Boston 25 News obtained a copy of the search warrant which says the police were investigating potential drug activity. The warrant reads:

"Over the last week, the Framingham Police Department has received numerous complaints, that over the past few months, cars have been piling up in front of [the house]."

It goes on to say:

"As the male exits the dwelling, he enters the passenger seat of these waiting vehicles, a short exchange occurs."

The video has nearly 50,000 views as of Tuesday evening and has Framingham Police and the DA responding to questions about the officer's actions in the video.

You can hear officers saying they are trying to "secure the house and enter" before they get a warrant.

Framingham Police posted to Facebook saying:

"Many of you have sent us, posted and commented on the YouTube video of an incident in Framingham last week, involving the Metrowest Drug Task Force.

We are aware of the video and the execution of a search warrant at that residence.

We will take the time necessary to fully investigate the incident, and speak with all persons involved."

Boston 25 News briefly spoke to the woman in the video. She told us she was terrified and that she had no other comment. For the last two days, we have been trying to get a hold of her attorney Charles Maclean, and he hasn't answered our calls. We even showed up to the office but no one came to greet us at the door.

Boston 25 News showed the video to defense attorney Peter Elikan, who isn't involved in the case, "Generally speaking, you need a search warrant almost all the time. Except there are some rare exceptions that they usually fight out in the court. But if you simply said you can secure the premise every-time first, then we will get a search warrant afterward and we can enter first, then that would negate ever needing to get a search warrant."

The family at the center of the case has created a GoFundMe page, arguing it was an illegal search and claiming the police took all of their savings, along with their legally owned guns. According to the post, the GoFundMe is to pay for a lawyer.

We have learned no one has been arrested and charges are expected to be coming down soon. In the meantime, Framingham Police could not comment further as there is an internal investigation.