• Plow truck careens into NH garage

    By: Christine McCarthy


    MANCHESTER, N.H. - Homeowner Monica Greenwood was in bed when she woke up to her house rattling after a plow truck crashed through her garage on Monday. 

    The truck careened down steep, snowy Raiche Lane and crashed through her detached garage on Flaherty Lane.

    The plow pushed their parked truck that was inside the garage through the back wall made of cinderblocks.

    "It somehow woke us up out of a dead sleep at 5 a.m.," Greenwood said.

    The truck came just inches from falling down another hill. 

    "If the wheels would’ve just hit that, it would’ve come all the way down," she said.

    Just inches farther, and the truck would’ve gone over the garage foundation wall and fallen down a few feet below to the ground. 

    No injuries were reported. 

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    The owner of the truck has actually slid down the same hill and hit his own garage recently, and had to replace the door last year.

    Moments after impact, Greenwood and her husband had an idea of just what had happened. 

    "My husband went out front to check didn’t see anything got back in bed and said wouldn’t it be funny if someone hit the garage again? And then we had a knock on the door and it was our tenant saying oh someone went through the garage. I’m like, 'Oh hilarious,'" she said.

    Greenwood had replaced her garage door just last year after a similar incident on the steep hill. But the driver wasn't a stranger.

    "That was my husband’s truck. He slid down the hill into his own garage," she said.

    While no one was hurt, Greenwood fears that could change, because later in the day Monday, there was another close call right before her eyes.

    "A private plow truck slid down and stopped right where my husband’s door would have been if it wasn’t previously destroyed," she said. 

    Insurance is working with Greenwood to cover the cost of the damage. She told Boston 25 News that the garage is not structurally sound and will have to be rebuilt.    

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