Pipeline protesters lock themselves to entrance gate

BOSTON — Two Boston residents protested pipeline construction Thursday by locking themselves to the entrance gate of the construction site on Grove Street. Other protesters held signs in front of the construction.

The protesters were pushing back against the West Roxbury Fracked Gas Lateral Pipeline, which is being constructed by Spectra Energy.

"Spectra is locking us into climate destruction, so we are locking ourselves to their property," the group behind the protest said in a news release.

The protesters said the high-pressure fracked gas pipeline poses health and safety risks to the community.

The pipeline has been a controversial topic since construction began. Both the City of Boston and Town of Dedham have filed lawsuits against it, citing flaws in the environmental review and calling for an overturn of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's approval.

So far, 165 people have been arrested while protesting the pipeline.