Pastor suspects opioid addict behind vandalism, theft at Marshfield church

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — Marshfield Police and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a case of vandalism and theft at St. Ann by the Sea Church, according to a letter from Father John Carmichael.

Carmichael said candle money was stolen after the choir held practice Wednesday evening.

Marshfield Police Chief Phillip Tavares told Boston 25 News the suspects broke into the church overnight, pryed open two donation deposit boxes and stole the small amount of cash that was inside them.

“I thank God everyone is safe and remind everyone that we are a Church serving the poor,” Carmichael wrote.

Carmichael went on to ask for prayers for whoever was involved.

“It is my belief that the person(s) involved is enslaved in an opioid spiral and if not for their disease, would not have made this desperate move,” Carmichael wrote. “I pray that the person(s) is apprehended and that we can get him or her treatment to deal with this life-threatening disease.”

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