Oxford man accused of real estate scam facing new 22-count indictment

OXFORD, Mass. — A 50-year-old Oxford man is facing a new, 22 count indictment for his alleged role in a massive real estate scam.

Boston 25 News has been following this investigation since it first began months ago when Allen Seymour was first arrested for forgery, larceny and money laundering.

"This is a repeat offender, our office prosecuted he went to jail actually and when he got out he looks to have done the same sort of thing," said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

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Healey says Seymour was the ringleader of a brazen real estate fraud scheme targeting people in a number of communities, including Brookline and Cambridge.

"Particularly vulnerable people, elderly residents and [he] tried to take money from them by taking their homes literally and selling them out from under them," said Healey.

As we first reported in June, one of Seymour's former business partners is Newton Police Lieutenant Francis Foley III.

According to multiple lawsuits, Seymour fraudulently transferred homes to the Dudley group, a company registered to Lt. Foley.

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The Dudley Group would then flip the properties to real estate investors for big profits. On one of the deals, Foley received a check for $70,000.

Civil attorney Richard Vetstein represents three of the defrauded homeowners. He says the civil cases naming Seymour, Foley and others as defendants are ongoing.

Based on what he knows, Vetstein says he wouldn't be surprised to see more indictments.

"I think their involvement was more complex and would need to be subject to further investigation," said Vetstein. "It looks like Mr. Foley III definitely played a large role."

The judge in the case has put an attachment on Lt. Foley's bank account and his home. Lt. Foley remains on paid leave from the Newton Police Department.

Allen Seymour's former wife Tina was also indicted on Monday and is being charged with conspiracy to commit forgery.


Newton police lieutenant, convicted felon named in scam real estate lawsuits