Opposing protests clash in Copley Square Sunday

BOSTON — Some intense moments between protesters and Boston Police officers Sunday afternoon in Copley Square as two opposing rallies clashed. Organizers with “Super Happy Fun America” said they planned a peaceful protest to show support for re-electing President Trump and calling out “Democrat violence.”

“Police are being attacked, our country, our cities are burning down, and you can only expect at some point someone’s going to want to stand up and talk about it,” said Eli Larabee, director of Super Happy Fun America.

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Their rally was protected by police barricades as an opposing protest gathered on the other side.

“They bring us here and we bring them here and that’s kind of how it turns out,” Larabee said.

Boston Police set up barriers to try to keep protesters away from counter-protesters, but that didn’t keep them from clashing with each other and with police.

“The Trump-Pence regime is fascist, and we cannot have four more years,” said Scott Gilbert, with Refuse Fascism.

Counter-protesters pulled those police barricades away from the Trump rally, as Trump supporters forced two counter-protesters out of their area, dragging one of them out towards police. Several protesters clashed with Boston Police as officers tried to keep both rallies separated.

Massachusetts State Police troopers blocked off access to the highway as they helped Boston Police close down traffic to Copley Square for hours.

“We all believe in day-to-day sustained non-violent demonstration to drive out the Trump-Pence regime, and we need millions, not just thousands but millions of people,” Gilbert said.

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A few people set Trump signs and flags on fire in the middle of the crowd, but most protesters on both sides were trying to remain peaceful.