2 arrested after Roslindale shooting, suspects headed to court

BOSTON — Police say two men are in custody after shots were fired in the area of Newburg Street in Roslindale Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators say Eric Rosado-Gonzalez and Luis Colon were involved in a shootout with undercover officers. FOX25 has learned Boston and State Police had been conducting a joint operation involving illegal weapons in the area when the shots were fired.

Police tell FOX25 there were no injuries.

Officers captured Colon quickly. Rosado-Gonzalez was found several hours later.

“I think it originated out of a house on that street, and played out on the street,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said. “We think we’re dealing with two dangerous individuals and we’re lucky nobody got hurt.”

The Needham Commuter Rail line was stopped during the police activity as well. A passenger on the train told FOX25 on Twitter that police walked through the train without speaking to anyone.

Commissioner Evans thanked citizens for their cooperation during the search, which spanned several blocks and lasted for several hours.

“I apologize...for the streets being blocked, but we wanted to make sure....the area was safe before we opened up the area,” Evans said.

Wednesday, both suspects will head to court.