North Shore teens spend Feb. break rebuilding homes in Houston

Some remarkable teens just got back from a trip in Texas.

Forty teens went to Houston on their February break to help rebuild some homes after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area.

"It was really sad seeing all the houses that are still effected and people still displaced," said volunteer Daniel Smith.

It was a week-long journey helping complete strangers.

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Forty teens from the North Shore - led by the Chabad of the North Shore - spent a week in Houston helping people who are still without homes after Hurricane Harvey hit the area six months ago.

"When I got down their and saw the destruction, I was like... damn...." said Michelle Slezinger of Swampscott.

"It inspires me to do something in my own community like the happiness and joy that I received from helping others has really motivated me and influenced our whole group," said Victor Kratik of Swampscott.

As they all head back home and to school next week, they all agree something is different.

"I think it was a humbling experience," said Tony Gluskin of Marblehead.

"If I can do a little something to help someone get into their house again, just get back their life then... You know why not," said Arden Hyte or Marblehead.

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