N.H. police officer donates liver to save 4-month-old baby in Mass.

A family in Cape Cod is feeling especially thankful this Thanksgiving - after a police officer 140 miles away from their home saved their baby's life.

Sloan St. James was 4-months-old when her parents, Sarah and Chris, noticed something wasn't quite right.

"We started to notice her jaundice wasn't going away," Sarah St. James said. "And she started to develop a bigger belly. We called it her little Buddha belly."

After a trip to Boston Children's Hospital, Sloan was diagnosed with stage four liver failure - and needed an immediate transplant.

Enter Lt. Steven Tenney, an officer in Keene, New Hampshire.

He heard about Sloan's story on Facebook through his sister-in-law - and read about the family searching for a potential donor.

After a week of tests, they found out Lt. Tenney was a perfect match.

"I was grateful, nervous, and excited," Lt. Tenney said. "I hadn't been to a doctor in probably 10 years. I've never had a surgery or anything like that."

He had never met Sloan, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

Two months later, the two are both recovering well. Sloan has 19-percent of Lt. Tenney's liver. And they're feeling lucky this Thanksgiving for their unique connection.