NH car dealership giving away firearms with purchase of vehicle

ROCHESTER, N.H. — A New Hampshire car dealership is running a special promotion where everyone who buys a car will get an AR-15 as well.

Owner Mike Hagan said so far several people have taken him up on the deal.

“I have given away 4 AR-15's and one 9mm handgun, which is the other option if you don't want the AR-15,” he said.

Hagan has partnered with a nearby gun store for the promotion.

“They go to the dealer and pass their background check. If they don't pass they don't get the weapon it's that's simple,” he said.

The AR-15 is the most popular gun in America, and similar rifles were used in the Orlando night club shooting and other mass shootings.

Hagan, a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan, said the possibility that the guns could be used to kill civilians doesn’t weigh on his conscious.

“I could worry about the same thing with a car being used to hurt other people in the end that kind of heinous of crime is in the heart,” he said.

The responsive has been overwhelmingly positive, Hagan said, and said he will keep the deal going “as long as people keep buying rifle and like the promotion.”

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