Newburyport native runs from California to Massachusetts to raise money for kids with cancer

You might call Michael Wilson a modern day Forrest Gump.

“I ran 50 miles on my highest day. I’d run anywhere between 30 and 50 miles,” he said.

The 28-year-old Newburyport native ran across America in a little more than four months -- 3,500 miles in total.

“I would end up running sometimes until two in the morning to cover my miles in the dark,” he said.

Wilson ran for charity by raising money and awareness for two non-profits which help children with cancer, Lucy’s Love Bus and The Max Love Project.

Wilson began his one-man journey in Santa Monica, California in early April and was able to reach his goal of raising $10 for every mile he ran.

Wilson sometimes ran off the beaten path and often camped out underneath the stars.

The Planet Fitness trainer pushed a stroller full of supplies the entire way.

“Some people called the police quite a few times, like someone’s pushing a baby on the highway and then when they get out of the car they’d just start laughing,” he said.

Wilson completed his run across America in late August by crossing the finish line to a boisterous welcome home in Newburyport.

“I still haven’t fully processed what just happened. It was just so surreal and I have so much more appreciation for this country. It’s such a big country with lot of different terrain. It’s amazing with some really awe-inspiring scenery out there,” he said.

Wilson went through six pairs of running shoes.

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