New England's Unsolved: The murder of Charline Rosemond

I have been covering this case since April 13, 2009.

I vividly remember the day, because it was the day Charline's body was found, and I was at her family's house at about the time they heard the awful news.

It was one of those days in the life of a news reporter I wish I never experienced.

Charline Rosemond has been missing for six days. Her family knew, instantly, that something was wrong. They filed a missing person's report with Everett Police on April 8, after she didn't come home the day before.

Charline's family conducted its own search, calling everyone they could, searching everywhere they could imagine.

But nothing could brace them for the awful news on the night of April 13, 2009. That's when police told the family, Charline was found, murdered, behind the wheel of her father's car, parked in an apartment building parking lot in Somerville.

Charline's family was devastated; I will never forget the anguish that night.


Ten years later, Charline Rosemond's family is still searching for answers.

I recently met with Charline's sister, Roserlie Rosemond at the family's home in Everett.

"I am angry, " Roserlie told me. "I am angry because this shouldn't have happened."

Charline Rosemond lived at home with her family in Everett. Every day, Charline would take the T to Brighton where she worked in the office of a car dealership.

On April 7, 2009, was different.

Charline was planning to buy a car after work. Roserlie tells me, Charline was excited to finally get her own car. And Charline filled her wallet up with $4,000 cash, against the better judgment of Charline's mom who told who warned her against carrying so much money. Charline told her sister, that an old neighborhood friend was going to help her buy the car.

That day, Charline left for her job in Brighton and was never seen alive by her family again.


Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan tells me Charline was shot to death.

"We know from where the shot was fired, there was at least somebody in the backseat," Ryan said.

And because the killer was in the backseat, it is likely a second person was in the passenger seat of car. It is also likely the car, with Charline behind the wheel, was parked in that lot for six full days.

This is a very frustrating case.

Charline was always in plain sight: in Everett, Brighton, Somerville. Yet she was murdered in cold blood and left in a public parking space for days, while her killer simply walked away. And is still walking, ten years later.

One more layer.

While no one has been charged with Charline's murder, a Somerville man was convicted of perjury for lying to a grand jury investigating Charline's death.

Roserlie Rosemond believes her sister was murdered for the $4,000 cash she carried on April 7, 2009, to buy a car.

Ten years later, Roserlie Rosemond is committed to identifying the people responsible for killing Charline, and causing a decade's worth of anguish for her family.

"Charline didn't deserve to be killed, " Roserlie told me. "She didn't deserve to be robbed. She didn't deserve any of it."

If you have any information about the murder of Charline Rosemond, call the Middlesex County DA at (781) 897-6600


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