New Bedford couple facing illness granted dream wedding

BOSTON ( -- A New Bedford couple received the wedding of their dreams on Monday night, after being chosen by a nonprofit organization that gives weddings to couples facing serious illness.

The couple, Brian and Sue, first met as seniors in high school in 1984, but then lost touch after graduation and did not reconnect for 25 years. They began talking to one another again while living 700 miles apart, and soon realized they were meant to be.

"They say true love comes once in a lifetime, but I have been more fortunate than most as I have found it twice in the same girl," Brian said in a statement.

Brian, however, was diagnosed many years ago with cardiomyopathy, a disorder that impairs the heart's ability to pump blood. After multiple hospital visits and surgery, Brian's doctors told him he has just five years to live if he does not receive a heart transplant. Waiting for a transplant can be a long and difficult process.

After learning about Brian and Sue's story, nonprofit

planned and granted the couple's dream wedding.

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