NFL late slate: 49ers vs. Eagles score, highlights, news, inactives and live updates

This is the game the San Francisco 49ers have been waiting for. For the first time since they got beat 31-7 in the NFC title game last season, they're facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 8-3 Niners have plenty of reasons to be confident coming into this game. Brock Purdy is no longer a first-year quarterback battling the Mr. Irrelevant title. He's been healthy, having recovered from the forearm injury that took him out of last year's playoff loss, and good. Aside from three straight midseason losses against the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, and Cincinnati Bengals (in which they scored 17 points in each game), the Niners have been aces.

The Eagles are confident too, and it's not just because of their 10-1 record. It's the way they've been winning games. Even when they're down at halftime (which they've been a number of times this season), they're never out. They've engineered several gritty comebacks, with the most impressive coming in an overtime win last week against the Buffalo Bills. They trust in their quarterback, Jalen Hurts, to lead them to victory at all times.

But the Eagles are in the middle of a terrorizing gauntlet. It started in Week 8 against the Dallas Cowboys (Philly won). After their Week 10 bye they faced the Kansas City Chiefs (Philly won that one too). Now after their victory over the Bills, they have to face the Niners, then the Cowboys again, and finally the Seattle Seahawks. It's a tall hill to climb, but the Eagles believe they have the juice to make it to the top.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? We're going to find out this afternoon. Follow along as Yahoo Sports provides the latest news, scores and highlights from the late NFL slate in Week 13.